How Mille Boosts Your Sales

Small things that lead to your big success story

Enabling Online Ordering

Create an online menu and let your customers order & pay directly through their mobile phones, pick-up or delivery.

  • Order ahead to avoid a long queue
  • Pay online or in-person
  • Integrated with Grab for delivery order
  • Send a digital receipt to your customers

Driving Customer Loyalty

Create your customized loyalty program to attract more customers and keep them coming back.

  • Membership privillege
  • Customers earn loyalty points for every purchase
  • Create attractive reward, offer, and gift card
  • Engage every customer automatically

Delivering Valuable Insights

Utilize 50+ real-time and analytical reports to drive your business intelligently.

  • Get real-time reports, heads-up, and notifications
  • Get inventory forecast for future events
  • Get recommendations on how to effectively upsell niche products

How Mille Loyalty Program Works

With Mille, you can create your own membership program that will help you deep dive into your customer database, automatically engage them, and always keep them within your circle.

Know Your Customers
  • Know your customers' demographic
  • Learn what your customers love
  • Know your utmost loyal customers
Be the Reason to Come Back
  • Loyalty privilege
  • Attractive rewards
  • Personalized offers
Reach More Customers
  • Incentivized referral program
  • Automated customer engagement
  • Targeted marketing

Keeping Your Stock Fully Supervised

Purchase Order
Processing Yield
Cost of Goods Sold
Stock Notification
Let Mille handle all the hassle in managing your stock
  • Categorize your products (produced or final goods)
  • Order directly to your trusted supplier
  • Automatically deduct ingredients whenever a product is sold or produced
  • Track all the costs incurred in producing product (e.g., ingredient, overhead, and production costs)
  • Send a real-time notification on low inventories
Explore more about Mille Inventory Management

And All the Other Aspects of Your Coffee Shop Business

Quick Payment
Quick Payment, Quick Service
  • Support for contactless and digital payment
  • Let customers order ahead and skip the line
  • Create a QR menu to support self-checkout
Team Management
Staff Management
  • Assign role & limit access
  • Monitor the sales performance of every waitstaff
  • Clock-in and clock-out directly in POS
Table Management
Store Management
  • Omnichannel pricebooks
  • Room & table reservation
  • Multi-site management

Take Your Coffee Shop Business to the Next Level

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