Consumers favor companies that offer loyalty program


Profits come from just 20% of your total customers


Loyal customers are worth 10x as much as their first purchase

The White House Office of Consumer Affairs

Know Your Customers, Boost Your Sales

Know Your Customers

Create your own customer database, automatically build a customer profile for every transaction including their contact information and interests to learn what they love based on their purchases.

  • Automatically create customer profile
  • Track your customer's activities in your stores
  • Know who your most valuable customers are

Treat Every Customer Like a VIP

Know the market's interests and get insight on what your customers love with data-driven analytics, build your business cleverly, and keep your customers coming back.

  • Give personalized rewards and offers to your loyal customers
  • Send a personal message on their special occasions
  • Online marketing campaign

Reach More Customers

Create an online store profile where everyone can reach and learn about your business. Encourage your loyal customers to refer your business to their friends by treating them with incentives.

  • Incentivized referral program
  • Brand exposure and social media integration
  • Location-based marketing campaign

Turn Visitors to Loyal Customers

Drive Loyalty Though Membership

Create an exclusive loyalty program that fits your business perfectly. Everything is customizable to your needs, including:

  • Membership card design
  • Tiered loyalty and reward program
  • Flexible incentive policy
  • Reward and point validity

Customer Insight

Use data analytics to better understand what your customers need and love to keep them coming back.

  • Know who your loyal customers are
  • Reach out to customers who have not visited your business for a while by offering them a reason to come back
  • Identify how to best attract potential customers who have not visited your business yet

Tools You Need to Build Your Loyal Community

Everything tailored together to work perfectly for you and your customers

Loyalty Program
Reward & Offer
Feedback & Review
Gift Card

Start Building a Business Your Customers Love

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