The Best Point of Sales for Multi-Merchant Business

Mille is the perfect solution for managing a food court by providing a multi-merchant point of sale system and a centralized dashboard to supervise your tenants.

Order & Checkout Anywhere

With an interconnected point of sale system, Mille allows your customers to make multiple orders at different stalls in your food hall and pay altogether at a cashier counter or with your waitstaffs.

  • Place orders simultaniously to multiple tenants
  • Let customers pay multiple orders at once at a centralized cashier
  • Equip your waitstaffs with Mille portable POS to help take orders and complete transactions everywhere

e-Catalog & Online Ordering

Create your food court e-catalog where your customers can navigate easily and enable online ordering directly to each individual tenant to avoid a long queue.

  • All-in-one food court catalog accessible online
  • Automatically send an order notification to each corresponding tenant

How Every Tenant is Performing

Mille provides a centralized dashboard where you can monitor the sales of each and all tenants altogether from your mobile phone.

  • Know your most valuable tenant
  • Get insights on how to create a strong collaboration among tenants

Why Mille POS for Food Court?

For Owner
  • Centralized POS linking all your tenants
  • Integrated back-office application to manage all tenants
  • Aggregate and per-tenant reports
For Tenant
  • Per-tenant POS to take orders
  • Per-tenant back-office application to manage individual tenant in isolation
  • Per-tenant reports
For Customer
  • Easy to order and checkout
  • Connected reward program across multiple tenants to support each other
  • Integrated gift card across tenants

Selected Food Court Clients

Digitizing Made Food Court Management Easy

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