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Mille business application and point of sale are available on the iPhones, Android phones, tablet computers, and web.
This way, everyone can start running and managing their business at anytime and anywhere.

Small Business

Thinking of starting your own online shop or pop-up store with limited investment to begin? Worry not, you can now start running your business with Mille straight from your own phone.

Medium Business

Looking for a point of sale that is simple yet comprehensive? Mille is the right solution to help you process any type of transactions and monitor your business growing.

Large Business

Feeling overwhelmed in managing a multi-outlet business or enterprise? With Mille, you can easily control and monitor all your stores and brand as a whole in a centralized application at anytime and anywhere!

Manage Every Aspect of Your Business Intelligently
at Anytime and Anywhere

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Sell Online and Offline

Reach more customers by selling online and offline without boundaries. Start building your online business profile, makes your business catalog and menu accessible from anywhere, and start selling online. Mille will handle all the details, from accepting online orders to completing online payments. All can be done seamlessly.

Get Paid Anyway You Like

Credit card payment, bank transfer, coupons, and e-money - You can determine whatever payment methods are accepted in your business. Display a payment QR directly on your point-of-sale's screen or send a digital invoice for your customers to pay online.

Monitor Your Business in Real-Time

Always have your business under the radar at anytime and anywhere with complete real-time reports and analytics. Get notified immediately on any anomaly or activity that requires your attentions, and review the progress of your business from the summary reports created daily, weekly, and monthly.

How Mille Helps You Manage Your Point of Sale

Point of Sale

Accept any kind of payments and keep track of your sales, cash flow, and financial statements in real-time. Get daily and monthly summaries of your sales and other financial reports for bookeeping.

  • Cloud-based Point of Sales
  • Financial statement
  • Profit and loss reports
  • Cash flow
  • and many more ...
Explore Mille Point of Sale
Inventory Management

Monitor your inventories in real-time, and get a heads-up when your supply is running low. Mille has all the tools you need to keep your stocks tidy, from purchasing raw materials to selling the final products.

  • Direct purchase order to suppliers
  • Storage & central kitchen
  • Ingredient and material processing
  • Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • and many more ...
Explore Mille Inventory Management
Team and Staff Management

Manage your team and all the staffs directly from your phone. Assign each team member a different role in the team, restrict accesses to sensitive information, and identify who your top performers are.

  • Access limit
  • Sales performance
  • Working shift
  • Paycheck & salary
  • and many more ...
Explore Mille Team Management
Customer Relationship Management

Attract new customers, drive loyalty, and keep them coming back. Mille is integrated with Haku CRM that gives you all the tools you need to build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

  • Customer databases
  • Exclusive loyalty program
  • Personalized rewards & offers
  • Customer engagement
  • and many more ...
Explore Mille Loyalty
Multi-Store & Franchise Management

Mille is the perfect solution for multi-site and franchise businesses, where you can manage all your stores in a centralized dashboard. Set-up your store individually and apply all the common settings to your other stores seamlessly.

  • Multi-site settings
  • Individual & collective store settings
  • Centralized monitoring dashboard
  • Integrated membership program
  • and many more ...
Explore Mille Multi-Store Management
Marketing Agents

Watch all your marketing agents' activities in real-time, including but not limited to their sales performance and success rate. Reward your most successful agents with higher commission.

  • Marketing agent profiles
  • Specialized marketing products
  • Commission-based transactions
  • Partnership evaluation and reports
  • and many more ...

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