From Raw Materials to Final Product Delivery,
and Everything in Between

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Raw Materials

Pick only the most cost effective materials from your trusted suppliers - order materials and ingredients that will best deliver your products.

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Ingredient Processing

Keep track of every detail in producing your final product - from raw materials to processed goods, and every cost incurred in the process.

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Final & Produced Goods

Know the value and quality of your products - because you know the very detail of every product all the way to its source.

End-to-End Product Delivery

From Quotes to Order

Order materials from your trusted suppliers when your inventory is running low. Send a purchase order directly to your supplier directly from Mille application.

  • Create a purchase order based on the quotation
  • Order authorization and confirmation
  • Stock-in from purchase order
  • Good receipt and supplier review

Storage & Central Kitchen

Organize your inventories at every stage of the production process, whether in your main storage, any of your stores, or in the distribution process.

  • Multi-storage inventory placement
  • Inventory distribution - from central storage to individual store
  • Inventory transfer order

Know Your Inventory Needs

Get a heads-up when your inventory falls below a safe limit or needs re-stocking so you do not run out of stock when you need it most.

  • Real-time stock warning and notification in your point of sales - don't sell unavailable products
  • Inventory forecast for future events - avoid overbuying products you do not need
  • Trace every sold inventory at anytime

Maximizing Profits, Minimizing Waste

Know What to Buy and When

Manually monitoring large inventories can be a headache and is often infeasible. Mille will let you know when you need to restock certain products for future events:

  • Real-time stock monitoring dashboard
  • Inventory warning and notification
  • Seasonal products

Just the Right Amount of Everything

"How much should I buy?" - Mille's analytics will help you keep your stocks ready without stockpiling any products only to have them sit around in the storage.

  • Inventory prediction
  • Always available
  • Waste reduction

Tools You Need in Keeping Your Inventories Neat

Small Things that Make Everything Perfect

Unit Conversion

Automatically convert the unit used in your recipe and by your supplier

Inventory Distribution

Track every inventory transfer and distribution among stores and storages

Inventory Forecast

Use data-driven analytics to predict your inventory needs

Phantom Inventory

Got phantom inventory? Simply adjust and keep it recorded in the accounting

The First Step to a Tidier Inventory

Consult with our sales team

Learn more how Mille can help you manage your complex inventory in a simple way.

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