Efficiency in Every Aspect

  • syncDisplay order from anywhere
  • ticketsReal-time order notification
  • alertPrioritize and highlight orders' urgencies
  • lapseTrack the processing time for every ticket

Display Orders from Anywhere

Receive, process, and complete orders from anywhere from a centralized screen.

  • Display orders from your Point-of-Sale
  • Display online orders from your customers' phones
  • Display orders from delivery services

Detailed, Customized, and Organized

  • Display the very details of every order ticket ensures accuracy
  • Customize your KDS for every station (main kitchen, bar, dessert station)
  • Get a notification on newly-placed and long-awaited order tickets
  • Organize order tickets based on their priorities and serve them in a timely manner

Efficiency Matters

Analyze how your kitchen is performing and keep improving.

  • Observe the cooking process statistics of your kitchen
  • Track the turnaround time of every product
  • Identify the busiest time of your kitchen to allocate more resources

Why Mille KDS?

Easy to Set-Up

Free Installation

Accurate All the Time

Quick Serving

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Learn more how Mille KDS can help your kitchen be more efficient in processing orders and make your customers leave happier.

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