Simple, Quick, and Secure

Accept any type of payment easily and securely, offline and online.

tab payment
Counter Checkout
mobile payment
Mobile Checkout
self payment
Self Checkout

A Secure and Convenient Way
to Accept Digital Payment

  • A payment QR is automatically generated for each transaction and displayed directly on your POS screen - no more messy QR stands
  • Fixed amount for each transaction to ensure an accurate payment
  • Get a real-time notification directly on your POS upon successful payment - convenient and secure payment

In-Store Checkout

A quick and easy way to pay shortens the checkout turnaround time, makes customers happy, and generate more sales. Let your customers decide the most convenient way to pay that gives them the best shopping experience.

  • Split bill
  • Checkout at the cashier
  • Checkout with staff
  • Self-checkout directly from customer's phone

Order Ahead

Everyone hates a long queue - Give your customers an option to place their orders online directly from their phones and skip the line to pick-up.

  • Place order online
  • Pay in-store or online
  • Skip the line and pick-up

Delivery Order

Serve more customers with an online delivery service that will get their orders delivered right to their frontdoors. The status of every order can be tracked easily in real-time.

  • Get notified on every new order in your POS
  • Mille will automatically find a nearby Grab driver to pick-up and deliver the order
  • Keep track of the status of every order in real-time

Bookkeeping Made Simple

Cash Flow

Keeping an accurate cash flow is critical in keeping a business healthy. Mille will help you monitor your cash flow at anytime easily, including cash transaction and expenditure.

  • Cash transaction
  • Daily & monthly cash balance mutation
  • Daily opening and closing balance

Financial Statement

Connect every accepted payment option with your bank account to keep your financial account in synchronize with your bank account statement and balance sheet.

  • Direct link between sales and financial account
  • Account balance sheet and statement
  • Real-time account balance mutation

All-in-One Point of Sale

Powerful tools that work together to keep your business profitable.

Digital Payment
Multi-variant Product
Add-On & Recipe
Discount & Promotion
Surcharge & Tax
Omnichannel Pricebook
Sales & Profit
Data Analytics

Seamlessly Integrated to Perfection

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