A Comprehensive Solution for Your Restaurant

Mille simplifies all the complexities in managing your restaurant, from taking orders, completing payment, managing customers, monitoring inventories, to connecting with suppliers for purchasing. Everything can be monitored in real-time at anytime and anywhere.

Take Order Quickly and Accurately

Simplify the process of taking orders by allowing your waitstaff to do it using Mille Mobile POS or letting your customers order directly from their mobile phones by scanning a QR menu.

  • Digital Menu - Let your customers navigate your menu offline or online
  • Ditch Those Papers - Let your waitstaff take orders using Mille Mobile

Process Order with Confident

Get a real-time notification on newly submitted order and automatically print the ordered items to the corresponding station, foods to the kitchen, beverages to the bar, desserts to the dessert station.

  • Auto Print Order - Print an order automatically to the kitchen & bar
  • Order Notification - Get a notification on every new order
  • Update Notification - Send an immediate notice whenever an order has been updated

Get Paid Anyway You Like

Enable a digital payment and let customers pay their bill using e-wallet by simply scanning a QR code displayed on your waitstaff's mobile POS. Get a real-time notification whenever a payment has been successfully processed.

  • Scan and Pay - A unique QR code is generated for every order to pay
  • Payment Notification - Get notified for every successful payment
  • Digital Receipt - Send a receipt by email or social media

Gain Insight to Grow Your Restaurant

Get valuable insights from various reports and analytics to help you better understand how your restaurant is operating and how to boost more sales.

  • Sales Reports - sales, transaction, taxes, profit & loss
  • Product Reports - popular & trending products, stock recording, product bundling
  • Operational Reports - occupancy rate, turnaround time, promotion reports

From Ingredient Purchasing to Final Product Delivery

Managing a restaurant's inventory has never been easy. Mille provides an end-to-end solution for managing your inventory, from purchasing raw ingredients to suppliers, keeping track of the cooking process, to keeping your inventory in balance.

Purchasing to Suppliers
Purchasing to Suppliers
  • Keep your supplier database
  • Purchase order directly to the supplier
  • Track order and get status notification
  • Automatically generate a good receipt
Central Kitchen
Central Kitchen
  • Inventory warehouse and processing
  • Stock distribution across outlet
  • Stock transfer order & receipt
  • Automatic unit conversion
Processing Ingredients
Processing Ingredients
  • Create a recipe for every dish
  • Processing yield and waste
  • Know the cost of every product
  • Know your inventory value
Inventory Management
Managing Inventory Cleverly
  • Real-time stock recording
  • Get notified on low inventory
  • Forecast your inventory needs
  • Never stockpile perishable items

Maximize Your Human Resources

Access Limit
Work Shift
Sales Performance

Team Management

Assign a different role and an access limit to each team member, including chefs, waitstaffs, and everyone else directly in your application.

  • Authority to refund/void a transaction
  • Permission to access certain information
  • Start and end work shift directly in the POS
  • Monitor who performs beyond expectation
  • Keep track of every individual salary & paycheck
Learn Mille Team Management feature

Managing Every Aspect of Your Restaurant in One Application

Table Management
Table Management
  • Graphical table layout
  • Merge and split table
  • Self-order from table
Customer Management
Customer Management
  • Keeping your customer database
  • Exclusive reward program
  • Keeping your customers updated with automated marketing tools
Store Management
Multi-Store Management
  • One-for-all menu setup
  • Stock transfer and distribution
  • Centralized monitoring dashboard

Start Growing Your Restaurant Business Without Worry

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