Multi-Store Management

Centralized Setup

Set Up Once, Operate Everywhere

With Mille, you can manage all your stores in a single account. This way, you can set up your business once, including registering products & discounts, and synchronize all the common settings across multiple sites.

Centralized Dashboard

One Centralized Dashboard

Mille provides a centralized dashboard where you can see the sales reports of all your stores combined, or every individual store in isolation. This way, you can easily compare and contrast the sales among different stores.

What Should (and Should Not) Go Together

Store Menu & Catalog

Different stores with the same brand may sell common products and some distinct products that are only available in particular locations.
With Mille, you can easily select what goes to individual store and what goes to all the stores with just a couple clicks.

  • Per-store product availability
  • Per-store product price

Multi-Site Inventory Management

Mille's centralized dashboard helps you manage all your inventories across multiple sites (stores or storages), including the stock transfer and distribution among different stores and storages.

  • Stock transfer request to your main storage or central kitchen
  • Per-site inventory report

Omnichannel Pricebook

Selling products on multiple platforms or marketplace (e.g., Tokopedia, Shopee, GrabFood) can be complicated. With Mille, you can easily set up a pricebook for each platform and get the overall and individual sales reports in a centralized dashboard.

  • Product availability by pricebook
  • Product price variation by pricebook
  • Sales report by pricebook

Integrated Loyalty Program

With an integrated loyalty program, your customers can earn loyalty points and redeem their favorite rewards on any store - keep your customers within your circle wherever they are.

  • Integrated reward points
  • Store-specific promotion

Franchise & Multi-Brand Management

Mille is the perfect solution for enterprise and franchise business by allowing franchise owners to control and manage every aspect of the business using a super-admin account, while every franchise holder can only access and view his/her individual franchise store.

  • Super-admin access
  • Franchise holder access
  • Partnership management

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