A Manageable Team Leads to a Successful Team

Knowing the Role in a Team

Create an innovative & productive team and assign a different role to each team member to work together in harmony.

  • Security access to sensitive information
  • Authorization to perform specific actions, including issuing a refund, cancelling a transaction, and applying discount
  • Dual authentication

Shift & Timecards

Keeping track of everyone's working hours by knowing when your employees clock-in and clock-out. All can be monitored remotely from your phone.

  • Clock-in and clock-out directly in the POS
  • Track your employee's working hours easily
  • Employee shift verification

Sales Performance & Salary

Set a performance target for every team member, identify who your top performers are, and determine the right salary for every employee - Maximize your human resources.

  • Create a performance target for each employee
  • Acknowledge those exceeding the target
  • Track of the salary history of every employee

Simplicity for You and Your Team

Team Management Application

Track your team's activities in real-time, including each member's working hours, timecards, and sales performance. Everything is recorded automatically and can be easily monitored from your phone at anytime.

Team Member Application

Create an account for every member to login, clock-in & clock-out, check their salary history, and track their performance progress directly from their phones.

Easily Manage Your Team with Mille

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